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TC-Forum was a service (first issue December 1996) offered by technical communicators for their colleagues worldwide. The heart of the project was Hans Springer who died a few years ago. For years the old Web space sponsor kept this Web site online but then decided to drop it. So the domain tc-forum.org got lost. As the Web master I can still maintain the old site. I intend to update the site a bit and keep it available in my own Web space for the time being.
Alexander von Obert, 06-FEB-2012

The idea for TC-Forum evolved during Forum 95. Forum 95 was an international conference organized by the international umbrella organization INTECOM, the International Council for Technical Communication. Forum conferences take place every five years. The first one was held in Malmö, Sweden, in 1975, the last one in London in 2000, and the next one will be in Italy in the year 2003.

The extraordinary character of Forum conferences is that there are no papers or speeches. Instead there are Idea- Markets. In an Idea- Market, the presenters are called "activators": they don't read their papers to a rather passive audience but motivate the audience - to discuss their subjects with them. The subjects are published in a conference handbook and sent to registered conference participants prior to the conference.

Lively professional discussions among both presenters and participants characterize Forum conferences. Participants contribute with their knowledge to the success of the conference, as much as the activators themselves.

TC-Forum follows a similar path. It is not a magazine like many others. Its contents largely depends on the participation of its subscribers. Subscribers send in comments on articles published in ealier issues or offer new contributions to an existing or new subject.

TC-Forum is a non-profit activity supported by INTECOM.

Our Sponsors

The production and printing of TC-Forum is sponsored by Daimler Chrysler AG, Stuttgart/Germany.

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The Web design and additional Web space are sponsored by Alexander von Obert, Nürnberg/Germany.

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Alexander von Obert